Speeding up a website loading walkthrough - part 1

Speed of a website is one of the most important factors for its success in the ocean of billions of others on the Internet. We, users, want informations faster and faster and every website owner needs to respect that to stay visible. In the past, we were able to wait a minute for a website to load. Today, we close the tab or hit the back button after only several seconds of waiting.

We want to share a story of, a website we have created several years ago and now is the time to update the core to match its performance to today’s requirements.

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Things to know when you need a website

if you are in a need of a brand new website, there are things developers will have to know before they can deliver a perfect product for you. Here they are for you to read and prepare.

Get ready

A website isn't just a website

Websites are complex

... solutions you may not realize, yet. This article tells you what are its components, so you can think about your planned or actual website in the right way.

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Why should you hire a webmaster

This article helps you decide

We don't say if you should or should not to get your own webmaster, it's not up to us. But we know when that kind of guy is a really great choice and the article is going to tell you just that. Get to the decision later.
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