A website isn't just a website

Websites are complex

... solutions you may not realize, yet. This article tells you what are its components, so you can think about your planned or actual website in the right way.

A little quiz on the begin - what do you think a website is?

  1. source of information
  2. a product commercial
  3. a search result
  4. something nice to look at boring times
  5. money factory

If you are a website owner, you probably know at least a bit more, than your users. If you are a regular websites user, you probably picked up one of those answers.

The truth is elsewhere, because any website is all of it combined and more. At least should be, but later about that.

A website is a complex machine of design, function, purpose, analysis, ... the list goes on. It's not just a mix of anything took and put together. Every part must work with others, not alone. It would be like to take a Porsche and give him wheels from Jeep. Might work... somehow.

Many of our clients say they care only about design or only about SEO and they don't care about anything else. Who says that don't understand it even a little bit. Of course we are here to make those other parts of the website right, but if you want have the best result by your own idea (that's why you are here for our services, right?), try to understand the whole picture then. We'll be very happy to explain all of it to you.

Back to the website parts. There are four basic:

  1. Structure - says what pages there are, where the menu or button is placed.
  2. Graphic design - an obvious part of any website development must be how it looks, the colors, fonts, just everything you see at the first look.
  3. Function - a most usual function is a form which you fill up and submit, it validates your input and probably send an e-mail to the website admin; every single things that happening is a function (try to purchase anything online and watch how many things happens).
  4. Content - every single word and sentence, image, video, all of it is hand-made content.

Keep in mind that these are the basics. In detail look there are many... many more staff that need to hold together.

Imagine, how would a website worked if there were 4 different things made for completely different reasons. Actually you don't need to imagine this, I am certain you see those every day, all of us do. You can recognize it easily because there are things that just don't make any sense. You look at it and don't understand why it is there, it's something that don't belong there.


  1. Have you ever seen a table with one row or one column?
  2. Seen an empty white design with brutal colorful images?
  3. E-commerce with a 50 'purchase' buttons on the first screen?

Yes, those are the examples of not very good websites, those that thought about one part, but ignored the others. I could continue with this list. You certainly remember things like those three, because trying to work with it was very uncomfortable, confusing.

The choice is up to you now - do it, or do it right.