Grace is coming to a web design and the internet world

Grace is coming to the internet

The name "Grace" has been with us for years now, but until six months ago wouldn't get her characteristic look. Let's give to the web design and internet world new opportunities, new advances, new Grace!

Grace is a hot topic within our company for about last two years. We wanted to give us and the world of web design and websites something new, something you know when you see it, something recognizable, something awesome. That is exactly what's coming.

Grace platform is an official name for the whole and probably a human's lifetime project. The entire platform is meant to content huge variety of pieces, independent yet connected parts, that suppose to give you so much better experiences while you work or having fun and the best is we target with Grace to be able to do both at the same time for you. And believe me, it is possible to have a great time at work!

Grace in web design and websites

Every member of our fantastic team started with websites from all available technology so there is no surprise that our first part of Grace is just all about web design. It's a programming framework and CMS. Let's take a closer look at the CMS part and save the programming for another article.

Profit Visions makes websites for many years and always builds them as a custom projects with some sort of our own CMS systems. Actually it has always been previous version of current Grace, in past called as Artoo. This system is in development for about 10 years and rebuilt many times with keeping its principles. Why? Because they have always been what we needed for building great websites for our clients but also for ourselves.

In first sentences I talked about Grace is meant to be "recognizable". You can clearly see why did I say that at first glance at the Grace CMS administration part. We wanted something unseen and new, but still with main goal to be perfectly usable for everybody. We came up with cyberpunk and futuristic look.

Web design of Grace CMS administration

It was certainly not an easy job. There is nothing we could get inspire from, nothing too similar.

First graphic design we made was super awesome to look at, but at second consideration it couldn't be used in a real working CMS due to its complexity. We needed something easier to understand. It basically needed to be stripped off of some elements, some lines and flashes and than there was it, result very similar to what is Grace web graphic design today.

We work on Grace now

Although Grace is technically still in final stages of development, we work with her on real projects right now. A Profit Visions website is running on the latest version of the system and I am writing this article in it. Few of others our projects are already powered by Grace and we and few people around us use it every day.

Why we do it is surely obvious to you - it's the only way we can ensure that Grace is built right, that we catch all bugs and non-technical people are able to use it on daily basis without any trouble.

Of course there are still bugs, bits of unfinished work, but there are every day less of them.

Opinions on Grace website administration

It's a graphic, look, fashion, whatever you call it, it's mainly subjective to everybody. Each and every person can have very different opinion on it. It is also what I found as the biggest trouble of every web design project. But that's for another time.

What I can tell is that almost everybody finds Grace graphic fashion as "awesome" or "so great" or "beautiful" or "unique". I really heard all of it. What does it say to me? We've accomplished what we intended.

New website, new Grace

We have a new website project coming from our client. Something I wanted to create for years and now it's time. I can't tell what it is just yet, but it will be built on this new and really fantastic framework and CMS, Grace.

This will be the first website that will be upgradeable for a lifetime! Grace is not a product, it's a service. It's something you and I will grow with.

Grace is amazing, you are amazing, both of you belong together so do not waste any time and contact us!