Things to know when you need a website

if you are in a need of a brand new website, there are things developers will have to know before they can deliver a perfect product for you. Here they are for you to read and prepare.

You want to show yourself, want people to see your business or even sell products. You need to be on the internet and specifically you need a website of any kind.

So you find a web developer (Profit Visions, hmm?), you like their previous work and want them to transform your idea into a working webdesign. The developers should ask you questions so they can determine the layout, graphic design and final function.

You need to remember that web design is not simple thing. It consists from many parts which is often made by many specialists. You should count on that you can't send money and lay off until the work is done, you need to be a part of the entire process.

Now let's see what you should know just before a development itself.

Purpose of website

Are you going to present something or someone, capturing contacts, sell or resell or anything else. Reasons for this question are fairly obvious - it determines basic characteristics and structure of the project.

I am sure you know this without thinking about it. All of our clients come with at least something basic like "I need a website to present our restaurant." or "I need an e-commerce.". This tells us already what the nature of the project will be so let's move on.

Goals for users

What exactly is it that users of your website or visitors should do to accomplish your goal? Usually it is clicking on any ad, finish purchase of a product or leaving you their contact info. Your goal on a website can be final or just a way through and finish a business beyond the site. This is how our web page works - we want you to fill up and submit an inquiry form which begins a way ending by webdesign job for us and beautiful real world website for you.

This is what creates a project's wireframe. Well, it's the base part of that, there is still a lot of to find out and do to draw a wireframe.

Color palette

A website graphic designer doesn't need to hear hexadecimal codes of colors, but he needs to know if you like light or dark, if you have feelings for any of colors like red, yellow etc. Just what part of a color wheel should a designer look at.

Anything else

Hope you didn't think you'll get away from this question here :)

Just kidding. What I want to say is that anything you can pitch to a developer about yourself, about your project, your preferences, it'll be very helpful. Like if you saw other websites you like, show them. Or if you like more photos or videos. Just anything. The final website would reflect more you than its developers.

We ask those questions, we get all information we need and our clients are satisfied with their new websites or redesigned projects.