Immortal. Forever young.

Of course it is your website.

Everything in the world gets old, included your elektronics and even software and websites. STOP! It's not the way it should be. Profit Visions TIMELESS guarantees you a modern website for a life time.

Truly custom website

Designing, programming, copywriting and building is based completely on your needs. No generic templates are used.

Never gets old

This website stays beautiful, modern and up to current standards for your whole life thanks to included redesigns every 2 years and once a month technical updates.

Content updates anytime

Your space, your login, your time. A new article or a product, change a photo for the one you shot today or update text to a new information. All this and much more you can do at any time.

Unlimited accounts for anybody in your company.

Free support

Anything you need to help with? We are here for you anytime to help you navigate and understand.

Modern web features

PWA, offline mode, responsivity, pin to home screen, every feature of a modern web is included.


Do I have to pay forever?

Of course not. Minimum is 12 months of paying. After that, you can cancel the service at any time.

What if Profit Visions goes out of business? Do I loose my website?

In an extremely unlikely event we will not be able to provide you the service anymore, you will receive your website and you could continue using it.

Do I need to keep on mind to contact you about a redesign?

Not at all. We will contact you every two years ourselves. We will offer you a free redesign to start a conversation.

Can I use my own webhosting?

No, every RENT website must be located on our servers. Without that, we could not guarantee the quality of the service and wouldn't be able provide frequent updates, which is a basic property.

Don't worry, though, web and mail hosting are included in a monthly fee, no extras.

I need to update a function of my website. Is this included in a redesign?

A little updates to achieve the modern website at any given time, they are included in every redesign.

We are happy to provide you any update at any time. In a case of your request, we calculate the amount of work, price, apply your RENT discount and offer you two possibilities.
First - you can pay on invoice.
Second - we add a bit to your monthly fee of the service.

Who is RENT for?

Actually, for everybody in a need of reliable presentation or a sales channel whether it is a small start-up, freelancer or a corporation. RENT program is financially much better value, than a conventional work.

I don't trust this deal. How is it possible?

We understand, RENT is not like anything you have seen.

In Profit Visions, we believe in a sustainable service. Everything around us gets old and we want to offer a solution, that does not. For a single payment, we could not keep a promise of a very long-term service. Instead, we chose a small amounts periodically and we trust the service so much, that we decided to invest our own into a development for every our customer.

Real-world example of saved finances with TIMELESS websites

Taking a modern presentation website of your company, we can show you a comparison between conventional and Profit Visions TIMELESS approach.

Website conventionally

Such a website is usually worth around $2200 and you get a perfect and custom solution tailored just for you. It includes listening and analyzing your needs, designing, copywriting, programming and managing to all this fits perfectly together into one awesome website.

Next, you need a webhosting, which is around $20 - $30 per year.

In following years commonly happen two situations.

1. As you present your company with the new website, you find via your customers' questions points, where they loosing interest or understanding of what you offer.

2. Search engines are changing and your now a year old website is not ranking as high as it used to, which requires technical update.

Both cases drive you to the developer to start a new round of paying $500 and more.

2 year balance

$2200 + 20 * 2 + 500 = $2740


The same described website will costs you $68 per month.

Webhosting costs you $0.

Taken your new discoveries, changes in company and your clients, every two years redesign is total $0.

Technical updates are frequent, automatic for you and cost you another $0.

2 year balance

$68 * 24 + $0 + $0 + $0 = $1632

If we did not manage to convince you give us a message and we will give you more reasons, why TIMELESS is the best option for you ;)